Things To Know When Replacing A Roof

General-Contractor-in-Plymouth-MichiganReplacing a roof whether on your home, garage, or business can be an expensive and difficult job and it can be even more expensive if it is done incorrectly or insufficiently. So here are some things that you will need to know when replacing a roof.

Exactly What Needs To Be Replaced

When people talk about replacing a roof they may simply mean that they need to replace the shingles or tiles that cover the roof or it could mean having to replace the entire roof including some of rafters as well as replacing anything in between. So the very first thing you need to know about replacing a roof is exactly what needs to be replaced. This means that you will have to do a thorough inspection and check everything including:

  • Shingles or tiles
  • Flashings
  • Tar paper or felt
  • Sheathing
  • Rafters
  • Vents
  • All Seals

In some cases where people buy old fixer up homes, the entire roof will need replaced including the gutters, facsia, and soffit. You may also need to install additional vents as well.

Whether or not you need a permit

Once you know what parts of the roof you are going to need to be replaced the next thing you need to know is whether or not the laws and regulations for your area require you to have a building permit in order to replace your roof. This is important because if you need a building permit for replacing a roof and don’t have one you can face some pretty hefty fines that will add to that all ready expensive project of replacing your roof.

What Tools You Need To Do The Job Correctly

One thing many people overlook when replacing a roof is the necessary tools that are needed to do the job correctly. Depending on how much of the roof needs to be replaced there may be tools you will need to buy or rent to successfully complete the job. Many of these tools are reasonably priced, but some can be extremely expensive. Luckily, there are many places that rent specialized tools for a short period of time.

Where To Dispose of The Old Roofing Materials

Another thing you need to know before you begin replacing a roof is where you are going to dispose of those old roofing materials. You may want to check to see if any of this material can be recycled or if you will need to rent a dumpster to get rid of unwanted and unusable roofing materials. If the roof contains shingles that have asbestos there may be safety regulations regarding their removal that need to be carefully followed in order to prevent the asbestos fibers from causing significant health risks.

Time Restraints

You are also going to want to know what time restraints may hinder you when replacing a roof. If you are planning to replace the roof yourself then you need to make sure that you have the time to start and complete the job quickly as an exposed roof can do considerable damage to your home should you get a heavy rainfall, or have other problems with weather. Replacing a roof is not something you can do on your own by working a couple of hours on the weekend. In addition, you also need to consider the time of year that you will be replacing the roof. If you are attempting to replace the roof in early spring or late fall, you need to make sure that the job can be completed either before the heavy spring rains set in or before a snowfall.

While there are times, when an emergency roof replacement needs to be undertaken immediately, to prevent further damage to your roof or your home, you need to try and get the job done when the weather is most likely to be good.


Another thing you are going to need to know before replacing your roof is what the entire project is going to cost. Roof replacement can be expensive and the more roof that needs to be replaced the more it will cost you. Knowing the cost before starting to replace your roof will give you time to arrange for funding should you require additional money to do the job correctly.

Safety Issues

Another thing you will need to consider before you even begin to replace that roof, is what safety issues are going to be involved and how you can minimize them. Any time you are working on the roof of a building there are dangers involved because you may be carrying heavy loads of shingles up and down ladders, working on steep inclines, as well as other situations. Knowing how to minimize the risk to your safety before hand is essential in successfully completely the job without injury to yourself, or to others.

Should Your Hire A Professional

One of the most important things you should know when replacing a roof is whether or not this is really a job that you can do yourself or whether hiring a professional is a better idea. There are many roofing contractors that will give you a free estimate on replacing your roof and it may be a good idea to get a couple of estimates before deciding to replace a roof yourself.

In many cases by the time you add up the extra cost of tools, your time, and think about the safety issues involved it ends up being safer and cheaper to hire a professional to do the job for you. Many roofing contractors will take care of all the legal aspects of the job such as building permits as well as have their own insurance in case of an accident. In addition, they may be able to get the materials cheaper than you could on your own and they all ready have the necessary tools. So they may actually be able to save you money when replacing that roof.

Whether you replace that roof yourself, or hire someone else to do the work for you, being aware of what you need to know before replacing that roof will help you complete the project more safely and inexpensively, and with a lot less frustration.

What are some of Michigan roofing tips that will keep your roof fit and healthy?

Residential-Roofing-Tips-2Most of the time, the feature of the house which always gets overlooked is the roof. You might ask yourself that what can you do to keep your roof healthy and in a good condition. This problem is quite common among many homeowners. The grass of the garden, leaky pipes and all kinds of interior problems can easily be seen by the owners. But, the one problem which creates thousands of another future problem is the roof. This article will give you a clear insight as to what you can do to maintain the roof regularly.

Take care of dust and avoid rust

Yes, dirt might seem like a very small problem. But these small problems turn out to be something huge and which would require your attention. Clear out the cobwebs from the exhaust vents and all the others ventilation system. Paint a second coat on the exposed metal around the roof region. This will only avoid rust which can give rise to huge problems.

Keep the gutters clean

It is quite common to see a lot of leaves during the fall season. You must make sure that all those leaves go away after the season. This will block the gutters and might require greater attention. This does not apply only to fall season, but for all the other seasons. Michigan tends to have a very windy fall. Thus, this Michigan roofing information is very useful.

Inspect the roof frequently

It is not possible to inspect the roof regularly, but you should definitely take a close look at the roof once in a while. Curled shingles and buckled areas in some of the regions in the asphalt roof. Also, look for water stains, which will definitely turn out to be a huge problem if it is found. The average life of an asphalt roof is round about 20 years and depending on its quality, the time may vary. You must change the roof after that period of time.

Find the right roofer

Hiring a professional roofer in Michigan is quite a big task. This takes time. You cannot just give this task to anyone. Do some research and find out who is the best professional around that region. You can even take online help. This might be able to solve a lot of your problems. You can easily get a Michigan professional roofer to help you out with your roof along with other Michigan roofing pros.

Simple and effective ways of selecting HVAC service provider

hvac repair

Getting the help or services of HVAC system for any home or business is quite an important task but identify the best of professionals is quite a hectic process. There are many Grand Rapids Michigan HVAC Service providers seen coming up in the market but not all are efficient or reliable enough for the task. It is always important to look for professionals or service providers who are associated in this profession for years. Always give preference to experienced and reputed service providers, at the end it is your costly equipment and any kind of mishandling or ignorance can damage the whole system.

With most of the HVAC system there are professionals available for servicing or any kind of maintenance works. It is always preferable to hire company professionals for such kind of tasks. Generally reputed HVAC Company is known to provide yearly servicing or other maintenances, getting in touch with such service providers can be quite effective. Moreover with Grand Rapids Michigan HVAC Service you can also get instant service for any kind of emergency tasks. What’s more interesting is that they are known to provide quality work at best possible price. Selecting the best of professional HVAC service providers is what should be ensured, once you do that half of the task is done.

Here are some important points that need to be taken into count while you are selecting the best of Grand Rapids Michigan HVAC Service providers:

  • The company or service provider whom you are hiring should comply with all state as well as local regulations and codes. It is also important that they should have insurance for all kinds of business solutions as well as workers.
  • The Grand Rapids Michigan HVAC Service provider should be on time and should be humble while making any house calls.
  • The service provider should be aware of the system that is installed in your office or home, necessarily should be capable enough to secure all items that may be required during the repairing process.
  • The best of service providers will have all latest technologies and advancements using which they can help you provider best possible solution to meet all your comfort levels.
  • It is also important that the service provider listens to all your concerns and necessities. In case your rooms are too muggy or drafty and your service provider is not at all concerned, it is time that you hire some other service provider.

Single Hung Vs Double Hung Living Room Window Installation In Downriver Michigan

bay windowsThere are a number of reasons as to why you would need to get your windows replaced. These reasons can range from your current windows are old and do not do an efficient job at keeping cold or warm air in or out or moisture has seeped into the frame work, which has led to mold growth and many other reasons as well. No matter what reason you have for getting your windows replaced the one thing you will need to consider first is the type of windows you want to have installed. Though there are a variety of windows you can chose some the most common windows are usually single hung or double hung windows.

Single Hung Windows-

Single hung windows tend to be the more cheaper options and are typically the most common. These windows are the most standard type of windows that consist of a top and a bottom section inclosed in a frame. The top part of the single hung windows tend to remain fixed or stationary where the bottom part is not fixed and can usually be moved up or down, or opened and closed. Single hung windows are highly cost efficient and can be a lot cheaper to replace.

Cleaning the window will require going outdoors to clean the outside of the window since these window do not tilt. This can be a bit of an inconvenience but as a living room window installation, since most living rooms are located on the first floor accessing the outside of these windows for cleaning can be easier.

Ventilation is not optimal with single hung windows since only one part of the window opens or lifts up.

Double Hung Living Room Installation:

These types of windows are similar to the single hung window designs but instead of the top panel being stationary both the panels of the double hung window designs can move. They tend to be more costly than single hung windows and if one of the panels breaks both the panels may need to be replaced.

Cleaning the double hung windows is more convenient because you do not need to go outside to clean any part of the window. Since the panels of the window can be tilted the inside and the outside of the windows can be cleaned from inside the living room.

With both panels of the window being able to move and with the tilting motions the double hung windows also provide better ventilation. Air flow can be improved when the panels are tilted to allow more of the outside air to circulate in.

Double hung windows also provide additional security features. Most of these windows feature additional locks and are built on much stronger frames than the single hung windows.

When it comes to living room window installation in Downriver Michigan choosing the right windows can make a huge difference. Even though double hung windows do carry a higher price on them they also offer a number of convenient and higher quality features that single hung windows do not. You can also find additional discounts on your window replacements if they are energy efficient, which most double hung windows are so this can make up for the price difference between double and single hung windows.

Choosing a Collision Repair Center

Tips for Finding Collision Shops Downriver MINo matter how careful and seasoned drivers are, accidents happen and the inevitable search for collision repair centers begins. The Internet is a great place to start and if you’re looking for collision shops in downriver Michigan, there are many there just for the asking. However, though you’re spoiled for choice, you are fuzzy and muzzy about which one you can entrust your vehicle to.

There are so many auto body repair shops that can make cars look good as new when they finish with it, but in a few months the sheen wears off and problems set in-one by one. So it pays to check out their credentials and choose collision shops in downriver MI that can repair the flaws, have your car looking great and make it remain that way for a long time.

Check for BBB accreditation; this is very important while searching for auto related services, and if you can’t find one, choose a shop that is at least A+ rated. This ensures that at least their customer service is outstanding.

A good, reputed collision repair center will provide a warranty of some kind—some give a lifetime warranty, which means that you can depend on the shop to provide good service so long as you have your vehicle with you.

The most important thing to check for is whether the repair center is I-CAR certified. Technicians belonging to the center undergo many hours of training and are deemed to be fully competent to carry out repairs of any sort. . Make sure the certifications are current, and find out about the kind of experience technicians have on working on the same make or model vehicle as yours.

It makes a lot of sense to ensure that the collision shop will take care of all the repairs necessary for the vehicle. Some prefer to outsource certain jobs to other shops and that could cost extra. Having the same collision repair center attend to all the jobs is not only economical but also good in the long run as it ensures some quality in work.

When choosing collision shops in downriver Michigan, find out if the people around are competent and capable of explaining all that has to be done. If there has been a lot of damage to the car, try not to choose an insurance company drive-in appraisal center but one that is known for quality work. A trustworthy, quality-oriented shop is very important for good end results.

Get a written repair and price estimate of the work to be performed, why certain jobs are needed to be done and what they are going to set right. It’s necessary to do all this before the actual job begins. Also ask the repair center about replacement rental cars.

It pays to look around for a quality, certified collision shops in downriver Michigan in order to avoid being pushed into making a hasty decision when the need arises. Shop around online, talk to friends and family while looking out for the best deal, and compare warranty policies on repairs.

When the car is ready, pick it up in broad daylight, check the exterior and interior, drive it around and feel how it sounds and looks. Hopefully the technicians did everything right.

Why choose Single hung windows in downriver Michigan?

Single Hung Windows in Downriver Michigan

Before deciding which kind of single hung windows in Downriver Michigan, you should look first at the advantages to see whether they are right for your property. The first thing most people look at is the cost of the window installation, which is down to the structure and of course the amount of work involved in the installation.

There are many different types of windows available, but of all the single hung windows in Downriver Michigan are the cheapest options. Those looking to replace a broken window or upgrade their current kind can choose from a range of frame materials and sizes just as other kinds but save money so they can get their replacement sooner rather than later.

There are a few aspects that make the windows cheaper and the first is the installation does not require as much time. This also means that windows that need installing fast, such as repairing a broken/faulty window for security and comfort won’t take all day losing you more money if you need to take time off work.

If a pane of glass breaks in a single hung Downriver Michigan it’s so much easier to obtain a replacement, rather than having to wait for specialist parts to be delivered. You can still have windows made to fit sizes that are not standard, but any replacements parts needed should damage occur, they are easier to obtain.

Having fewer parts than double hung windows, these kinds have less to maintain and/or replace. This makes the single hung windows Downriver Michigan a great choice for landlords and office buildings as they meet the correct regulations without breaking the bank.

Although the cost difference when weighed up to other kinds works out to around 20% cheaper, bear in mind that if you are looking to renovate the inside/outside of a property you will need more than just one so the savings could add up to allow you to benefit from new windows when you otherwise may have not been able to. You can keep your home up to date and add value to your home should you wish to sell it now or in the future.

The single hung windows in Downriver Michigan have lots of benefits including the fact that just like the others they are energy efficient. Energy efficiency can lower the cost of energy bills keeping heat in and the cold out. The same goes in reverse if you have air conditioning so that they do not have to be running constantly.

For the ground floor cleaning should not be a problem, but for upper floors most people choose double hung windows instead because the windows can be tilted. If you have a window cleaner as standard, it shouldn’t make much difference in this instance.

There is less ventilation with single hung windows Downriver Michigan, which may be a disadvantage to some property owners but not to all. Especially those with allergies that want to keep pollen and dust minimal.

Staying on Top of Nightclub Security

nightclubWhen your guests come to your nightclub, the last thing they want to deal with is a bunch of rowdy or disrespectful drunk people. At the same time, you are likely going to run into a few of those characters on any given weekend evening. That is precisely the reason that it is so important to be proactive and stay on top of your nightclub’s security; so your guests can have a good time and nothing gets too out of control.

Though it may seem pretty straight forward to keep your nightclub well secured, it can actually be a bit more challenging than you think. There are three main areas that you need to consider when putting together a security package for your club, and a single oversight in any of those areas can let a situation erupt. Here are a few guidelines and considerations for each phase of your nightclub’s security.


The entrance to your club is your best chance to spot and thwart potential problem patrons. Make sure you have a well-trained bouncer who can spot someone who is already intoxicated so they can never step foot into your club. Also, everyone needs a good pat down so weapons and outside drinks are not allowed in either. Weapons can quickly escalate a situation if your bouncers need to act, so keeping them out is your number one priority.


Once patrons are inside your club, you need to have a few bouncers roaming the floor to spot signs of trouble before things get out of hand. Also, you need to make sure your bartenders are informing the floor manager if someone has had too much to drink so they can chat with the patron to see if it’s time to cut them off. Most problems in a nightclub come from overserving guests, so avoiding this will eliminate the vast majority of security concerns.

VIP Area

Any great nightclub will have a luxurious VIP section for the high rollers. People love getting the special attention offered in a VIP section from personal servers to sparklers attached to bottles as they are brought to the tables. Security is also crucial because you don’t want regular customers sneaking into the VIP section to bother high end customers, so having a controlled access point with a full time bouncer is necessary.

By taking care of all three phases of your nightclub’s security, you will see a drastic decrease in incidents throughout the year. Having a safe club isn’t just better for your employees; it also makes the experience better for ordinary customers which means you can expect to see an increase in business. If you provide good security in your nightclub, your customers will be happy, safe, and will come back more often.

Best Place To Sell Your Car Los Angeles

sell-your-carDo you need to sell your car and get the maximum price for it? Have you been to the dealership hoping to trade for a newer model and were offered such a small amount for your clean, used car that you could not make the trade? If you have said to your friends any time recently, I really need to sell my car and get the cash, 818 Car Cash is a great solution. 818 Car Cash offers the most cash for your car regardless of condition. We even buy damaged vehicles.

Quick Cash for cars

818 Car Cash is proud to offer you quick service with our expert appraisers. Call us for an appointment and we will send an appraiser to your home or office to evaluate your car’s value. Be prepared to sell your car for cash when they make an offer that you cannot refuse. We will tow your car away for free when we purchase it from you. This is truly a no-hassle process. No title? No problem. We make this process easy for you and put cash in your hand quickly. If you feel like a dealer has low-balled you on a trade-in offer, contact 818 Car Cash and find out the true value of your vehicle. Don’t let the dealer steal your vehicle for nothing. 818 Car Cash gives you the maximum value for your car. We are happy to provide cash for cars that you need to get rid of. Don’t waste your time with CarMax or dealerships. Call 818 Car Cash for your no obligation appointment today.

We Buy Most Makes and Models

818 Cash for Cars buys almost any make or model. At 818 Car Cash, we buy cars in any condition; late model used, older models, damaged, wrecked, or junked. Your car doesn’t run? We will still give you the maximum cash for your car. Buying cars is our business. If you have an old junk car in your garage, call us to get an appraisal. Why not get cash for it rather than letting it sit in your garage taking up space? Since we are in the business of buying cars, we want all different types of vehicles. This is where we have an advantage over places like CarMax and other dealerships.

Why 818 Car Cash

You might be asking yourself, why should I sell my car to 818 Car Cash? The simple answer is, because we offer cash for cars. We offer the most cash for cars without giving you a tough time. We have been in business for 30 years, giving people cash for cars. We are fully licensed and bonded. We want to help you get the most cash for your car because we want your car. If you are in the Los Angeles county area looking to trade your car or just get cash for your car, 818 Car Cash is a great alternative to CarMax and dealerships. Our goal is to beat most Car Max offers, giving you the most cash for your car.

Commercial carpet cleaning downriver Michigan

commercial carpet cleaningCarpets see a lot of action and that means they can and are taking a serious beating. Almost any office you walk in to you’ll see carpets, homes are beginning to use carpet in more and more rooms and even schools use them. With all this foot traffic it’s no wonder that they’re getting dirty and in dire need of a good cleaning. Carpet cleaning requires a good vacuuming job and then a good carpet cleaner to remove dirt that can be a result of spills, and stains from either food, beverages, or tracked in on the bottom of people’s shoes.

Carpets were built to stand the test of time and that’s fine, but you still want them to look great after all the time they’ve been used and this means taking proper care of them. When you keep them properly maintained you’re extending their life expectancy even further. For those who may be looking to get a good and restorative cleaning done on their projects we highly recommend going with Downriver Clean up and Restoration located in downriver Michigan area.

They’ve hired a highly skilled and professional team of staff members that can get the job done fast and well with great rates that are affordable to their clients. Currently they have done jobs in close by areas such as Trenton, Wyandotte, Brownstown, Grosse Ile, and Taylor for at least twenty one years. Any good company has to be built on a few sound principals that make them honest, reliable and trustworthy. When you go with commercial carpet cleaning downriver Michigan, you are getting all those things and more.

They understand that no carpet is made equal and that they may require different methods in cleaning them. That’s why they take the time to make sure they use the right equipment to get the job done and leave customers satisfied with the job they’ve performed. Upon calling they offer a free estimate on how much it’ll cost to offer their services to you, and provide a layout of what to expect when they come to perform a service for you and what it’ll include. Commercial carpet cleaning by downriver Michigan will never leave the job without making sure you are satisfied with their services.

They offer a few different types of cleaning services as well as restorative services. For those who may have had property damages done by natural disasters or weather that was beyond their control, this company is great at restoring the carpets from these issues. Water can cause mold and mildew, fix storm damage, water damage, fire damage and more. If you feel that you may possibly have mold or need someone to check and treat for possible mold issues, this is the right company for you as well. They serve a great community and work hard at what they do. Whenever jobs are done they will make sure they don’t and won’t walk away until it’s completed and you are satisfied. Please visit for more information.

Finding the right insurance for your needs

autoThe difference between rates against U.S. auto, home, life insurance providers may be significant. They may differ from each other by hundreds of dollars for annual policies.

The goal of each consumer is to find an appropriate, affordable coverage by low price. The choice should be made taking into consideration low cost policy, information which consumers have from such organization as BBB, JD Power, etc.

Top insurance company may offer you auto or home covearge by optimal conditions with minimal set of insurance features. Such companies provide auto insurance quotes by zip code instantly, it saves time and gives instant response to the consumer, so that he or she can decide as soon as possible.

Quotes provided by insurance brokers may be compared by zip code. If you choose Amica car insurance, it makes possible to get a discount up to $520 on annual premiums. There are many variants to pay bill for services, getting fast response to claims, online support.

When you have a deal with insurer directly, you must know that it gives special instruction, selling further auto or construction plus fatality assurance outgrowths, including car security. Also it is important, that car insurers peep at your driving history, which reflects information about violations, personal data, vehicle info, etc., plus share that info to evaluate the jeopardize of you making a arrogate in the prospect which next ascertains your prices.

Such insurers like Amica helps with many things, provide low cost policies, using their own discounts system. That is why their advantages and priorities are in company’s pricing policy. Choosing rates online using zip code, makes shopping easier. Some amount of quotes may be cheaper if you follow some easy rules.

Follow few rules that will help consumers to reduce cost auto or homeowners policy in Amica, Geico or similar another insurer. It is required to use winter tires in case of appropriate season. Customers should pay premiums in time, combine several products like auto, home, motorcycle etc. In such case consumer will get comparative quotes by zip code from different local insurers.

When you apply for auto policy, you get additional benefits which protect car if you are injured in auto accident, not paying attention to figuring you as originator of accident. Try such policies to save and invest some money into financial stability in the future. Stay insured with licensed providers, which give suitable conditions almost for each seeker, if requirements are completed.

The Wonders of Videos

clariteeDid you know that once upon a time, Dropbox was struggling? They hit a point where they were not able to acquire new customers, and they have a tough time converting their homepage visitors into valued customers. Do you know why? Think about it. They trying to explain a solution to a problem that consumers were not aware they had! People were perfectly happy saving their documents onto their desktops and hard drive; it didn’t occur to them that one day they could possibly lose all their beloved documents just overnight! How is that possible to convey, without presenting the scenarios (ie. Laptop dropping into the river, computer crashing etc.)? Thank goodness they decided to explore the use of Explainer Videos to demonstrate this to their customers. After adding in the video to their homepage, Dropbox was propelled onto a trajectory that saw them acquire millions in funding, 50 million customers and right now a close to 5 billion dollar valuation. Guess what else? Steve Jobs became aware of them and approached them looking to acquire their company.

Talk about success with Explainer Videos.

We’ve seen every industry imaginable use video effectively to explain their product. Even car truckers. Or tuition centres. Or even like Dropbox, a company in a completed new niche, diving into the Blue Ocean Strategy.  They were small and unknown then, a start-up struggling to survive. But they had benefited TREMENDOUSLY. (You can even say that their success is all thanks to the wonders of Explainer videos.) So it doesn’t matter what business you’re in or the size it is at now, Video Production Singapore can help you with that.

If your business is struggling with lack of visibility, traffic, engagement, or just plainly put, your consumers have no clue what your business is about (what more want to purchase from your product), it is time to bring in the video guns.

Here are some interesting facts to get you pumped up for video:

  • Having Video on your website would increase your conversions by 86%.
  • Your consumers will spend 88% more time on your site that has a video, as compared to your competitors, who don’t.
  • 80% of internet users remember the video ads they watch online. Out of which, half took action after viewing the ad.
  • 60% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same page, on the same topic, they’d prefer to watch the video.

Creating and promoting animated Explainer videos.. Claritee Productions will it all!

As a Video Production Singapore company specializing in Explainer Video Production and Video selling, we are specialists in our trade. Where others concentrate on Video Production, or simply just selling, we provide an integrated solution. We will do the heavy lifting for you, and being getting your video marketing working for your business, instead of the other way around.

Our videos are stunning masterpieces that are created to achieve your marketing goals, be it obtaining additional visibility, to establishing credibility to generating additional leads. If you’re keen in growing your business with videos, get in touch with us!

Fun Summertime Wedding Ideas

wedding day sparklersA summertime wedding is something magical for couples who choose to get married at what many consider to be the most fun season of the year. To take advantage of the weather many couples choose to have an outdoor wedding.

When the bride walks down the aisle, everyone’s eyes should be on her. An easy way to give every guest a great view of the bride’s walk down the aisle is to arrange chairs in a circular pattern, starting with where the bride begins her walk and ending at the altar where her groom is waiting.

For a touch of indoors outside it is perfectly acceptable to rent real furniture for the cocktail hour. This can included luxurious sofas and chairs that will make wedding guests more comfortable.

Couples that are getting married on a beach or close to a lake can go the extra mile and have the bridal party arrive at the ceremony in a row boat. This is a unique way to make an entrance that no one will ever forget. After the ceremony and reception the bride and groom can even leave the wedding on a small sail boat.

Along the same lines a wedding that takes place at a country club with a golf course provides couples with a perfect excuse to ride a gold cart to and/or from the wedding. Couples getting married in San Francisco can even arrange to have their wedding party ride in a cable car.


An outdoor wedding in the summertime calls for the presence of an ice cream truck at the reception. Adult guests with a sweet tooth will love this as much as any child would. Additionally, you’ll want some outdoor activities for your wedding so be sure to stock up on plenty of premium sparklers for weddings and yard games to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

For the wedding reception food one idea is to offer a buffet with a twist. Preparing a picnic basket with each guest’s meal is a creative way to serve everyone and can turn the basket itself into a guest favor after the reception has ended. For a more low key option along the same lines, brown lunch bags can be prepared for each guest. To serve drinks in a creative way to any children or other guests that don’t drink, a simple soda bar can be set up. Another possible option is to acquire an empty row boat, line it with ice and put bottles and cans of soda and beer in the boat. One of the easiest ways to serve liquor at a summertime is wedding is to serve it in the form of a Jell-O shot.

When a wedding stretches past sunset, strategically placed fire pits can provide light and keep guests warm when the sun goes down. Once the ceremony and reception have concluded, launching lanterns to float away is the perfect way to end the day.

Getting married in the summertime is something many couples look forward to. These ideas can help turn any summertime wedding into a fun event that still captures the romance of two people joining hearts for their entire life.

Disastrous Marketing Failures for the Ages

writingMarketing is viewed as a vital business function by the largest brands in the world. Whether its advertising, SEO, or copywriting services, these core activities are heavily relied upon to increase sales and generate greater revenue. But for every successful campaign, there are countless disasters. Here are three spectacular marketing failures for the ages. Prepare to be amazed by the idiocy of the world’s largest brands.

Pepsi Enrages the Philippines

Attempting to increase sales in the Philippines, Pepsi came up with a promotion entitled ‘Number Fever’ back in the early 90s. It was a simple premise, really, with customers encouraged to purchase bottles of Pepsi and retain the bottle-tops, under which numbers were printed.

Most of the prizes intended to be given away were free drinks, but Pepsi had also budgets $2 million worth of cash to reward participants. But that figure would spiral to $10 million after a catastrophic mistake by the marketing company handling the promotion.

Basically, Pepsi ended up promising the main cash prize of $40,000 to 800,000 customers. This mistake occurred because the marketing company randomly selected number 349, which was never intended to be the winning number. Riots quickly ensued and a number of Pepsi’s plants suffered considerable damage after pay-outs were refused.

McDonald’s Fuels Olympic Glory

In 1984, the Summer Olympics were hosted in Los Angeles. Seeking to capitalise on the national fervour, McDonald’s created a promotion whereby customers would receive scratch cards with an event on them. If the US won a gold, silver, or bronze during that event then the customer would win a burger, fries, or drink.

But what McDonald’s didn’t consider was that the Russians would not be participating because of their boycott. The US athletes hauled in an astonishing 83 gold medals in 1984, which as far ahead of their 34 gold medals in the prior games of 1976.

Tesco Gives Money Back to Customers

Known as ‘Fresh and Easy’ in the US, Tesco is a giant in the UK supermarkets industry. However, the brand has plenty of competition to handle from its fellow giants. And back in 2011, Tesco got into an embarrassing price war with ASDA.

Tesco foolishly promised lower prices than every product offered by ASDA. The supermarket chain was so confident, in fact, that it promised to pay back twice the difference on products available for cheaper in ASDA.

Rather than encourage shoppers to benefit from being overcharged, Tesco instead encouraged them to hunt for as many products as possible. Hungry to earn double the difference, consumers took advantage of the scheme. Nowadays, you can only claim back a maximum of £20.