2015 Ford F-150 Automotive Research


Ford is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the US, and they usually come with amazing cars that people use on a worldwide scale. Recently, they decided to downsize their trucks and use V6 engines instead of V8.

This is also the case of the new F-150 model, that retains the hood creases, grille and headlight design of the old Atlas truck, but instead it focuses on bringing some unique features like the additional width, slimmer doors, as well as a new and improved interior style that was specifically created to provide more comfort to both passengers and driver alike.

The old model was a heavy car, but thankfully, the F-150 model lost more than 700 pounds when compared to the old one simply by using aluminum body panels and powerful, high end steel frames. Not only that is has a significant weight loss when compared to the older model, but this also translates into more economical fuel management as well, something that will surely amaze and delight the potential customers of this amazing car.

The entry-level 3.5-liter V6 is downsized from 3.7 liters within the existing design. A brand-new 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 is used, and Ford guarantees that this car has lots of power, despite the downsized motor. This engine ought to stop up costing you more money that it should; instead it was specifically created to help you save as much money as possible.

The 2015 F-150 model is offered in Regular, SuperCrew and SuperCab models. Rear-seat accessibility is enhanced when it comes to the SuperCrew version, which provides a 5-foot, 7-inch remainder or 6-foot, 7-inch bed. The SuperCab version keeps the original design and it is supplied with 2 different types of beds.

Regular models, on the other hand, shrink 4″ in proportions, primarily acquired by minimizing the storage space location behind the back seats. The standard model offers a 6-foot, 7-inch standard bed that fits most needs. Although a few special editions where announced, no details have been announced until now.

Another notable feature includes a power locking tailgate, 360 degree rear-view camera, a lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring and numerous other improvements. All of these combined ensure you that the car provides the maximum amount of comfort on the road.

Our automotive research indicates that the 2015 Ford F-150 is surely a unique car, but finding one in the can prove to be a little difficult. That is why, if you need to purchase such a car, you should contact the best Ford dealer in the country. That’s the place where you can find all the information you need, regarding the best prices. On top of that, you can also choose to customize your ride with different features, if you want. There’s no better place to find this, as well as other Ford models, and we recommend you pay the website a visit right now, as you won’t be disappointed.

Back to the Future: Recalls Correcting Past Errors

carOwning a vehicle is an undeniable money pit. Such is life when we purchase something we love. Boats, motorcycles, cars. All fun, exciting and memory makers. All terrific money pits. You quite frankly never get out what you put in, unless you are in an elite bracket of Ferraris and what not. But let’s be honest, we drink Dunkin’ not Starbucks. These days you are just as likely to receive a buy back offer from a dealer as you are to hear from them bringing news of the brand’s newest recall. Really “X-Brand”, over the 2 million cars you sold that year you could not just get it right? Simple as it could be, make a car that doesn’t break down any faster than we already expect it to. Really guys how hard is it to make something you make daily properly?

We as American’s love to spend. Whether it’s on our clothes, hobbies, or loves we spend freely. It’s just what we are built off of. So why is it when we come in for a vehicle we expect to all pay $250 a month with $0 down? If everyone paid that, wouldn’t cars are all have the same price? I guess we don’t see it that way. We spend $10,000-$100,000 on a car, and expect it to last a life time! Why not right? That’s just not reality. As New England Automotive News informs us, there’s a reason Model T’s are rare these days. Cars are made to break and wear down. Life goes on.

Really though, we can all swallow wear and tear. We can understand needing tires, oil changes and brakes. I for one though, cannot fathom how my $30,000 car has had 4 recalls before it had 20,000 miles! Go figure that I put all this money into purchasing a memory maker for a life time and next thing I know I am spending a cumulative of 6 days a year having recalls done and hoping the dealer has a rental for me to take for the day. How many of these do they make? How many can they continue to screw up? Again, go figure.

All in all, when I buy a K-Cup machine, I expect it to work without having to return to Sears once every year to have a miscellaneous piece replaced which quite honestly may never affect its performance? Care to explain why then must I do this to my vehicle? Feel free to send me a letter Toyota, GM, and whoever else feels the need to grab headlines via recalls. I want my car on the road, not in your shops.

American Designer Cocktail Jewellery

vintage jewellery

The Second World War had a great impact on American Jewellery firms, as by the time the Americans entered the war in 1941 the government had placed limitations on base metals which were needed for the war effort. This together with a shortage of imported materials from Europe resulted in jewellers substituting base metals with Sterling Silver and using modern materials such as Lucite and other plastics in place of cabochon cut pastes to create unique jewellery and           Modern Vintage Style  jewellery

America’s isolation and separation from Europe throughout the war resulted in a lack of European influence in American jewellery trends, and due to this, the first totally American look in jewellery design emerged. A particular aspect of this new style was the use of yellow vermeil, or silver gilt as it is often known.  These new jewellery designs often featured large sized stones and strong colour combinations of fake gems such as bold ruby red against aquamarine. Popular styles were abstracted designs that looked like drapery, as well as strong sculpted scrolls and bows. These free flowing and sculptural items were in contrast to the geometric and streamlined pieces of the earlier Art Deco Era. It became the style to wear this new type of jewellery to evening events and cocktail parties, and this resulted in the name “cocktail jewellery” being applied to this new jewellery.

The most famous two names in American costume jewellery of the 1940’s were Trifari and Coro. Both companies had achieved success producing imitations of Art Deco jewellery. Using inspiration from the designs of Cartier, Coro was the first firm to manufacture double locking clips that could be used either together or separately. These clips were called “Duettes” and were extremely popular items. Trifari achieved a good reputation by making top quality costume jewellery imitations of tutti frutti jewellery.

Coro and Trifari led the way in the design of cocktail jewellery n the 1940’s and early 1950’s and they moved the style forward in a fun, figurative, and imaginative way. Notable Coro designs of this period were brooches shaped like anglefish,hands, and donkey carts, while designs by Trifari often featured animal brooches made with Lucite.

In the middle part of the 1950’s Swarovski designed a special rhinestone for Christian Dior. The new rhinestone  design was called “aurora borealis” with regard to the northern lights. This new design was also used by the New York jewellers Weiss to produce a range of jewellery for evening wear which became extremely influential. The aurora borealis designs by Weiss were of high quality and garnered the firm high accolades .


house cleaningBond cleaning is the cleaning services provided by different agencies to make the leased property presentable for tenants. Bond cleaning is also known as lease cleaning because these services are often needed when the leased period of tenants comes to an end, and the landlord needs to give away his property on rent to new tenants.

Bond cleaning ensures that the possessions are in a presentable form and clean. Bond cleaning is also known as tenancy cleaning. This service is usually used when people move from their property. They need to make sure that the property they leave behind is clean. The cleaning up of each and every corner is quite a difficult and time consuming task for ordinary people and they can merely accomplish this task all by their own. They also need bond cleaning for the property where they move in. Cleaned property gives you good rent. If you want to rent out your property at good rates, use bond cleaning services and make your life simple and pressure free. Bond cleaning is also known as end of lease cleaning or exit cleaning

What stuff is covered for cleaning by bond cleaning?

Bond cleaning includes carpet deep cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, internal and external windows cleaning, doors and hard surfaces’ cleaning,  bathrooms cleaning, wall cleaning etc. Besides, bond cleaning services can also be hired for cars cleaning, offices or farmhouses cleaning.

Purpose of bond cleaning

The purpose of bond cleaning is clear from its various names indicated above. When tenants leaves the property when their leaves expire, they are require to clean up the possessions they used at the time when they used the property. The property needs to be in great condition before it is inspected by the landlord or other tenants who wish to move in to that property. The property managers and the landlords need to make sure that the property they are going to rent is presented as livable as possible. This increases the chance for their property to be rented with in no time.

Goals to be achieved through bond cleaning

  • To make the property and the possessions clean and clear of dirt.
  • To make the property in ready to use condition.
  • To make things presentable and attractive for tenants.
  • To heighten the chance of leasing out property

Bond cleaning saves you effort and time, provides you with full fledge cleaning services and makes your live easy. So, if you are leasing your property out, and want good rate for it from tenants, consume the services of Bond cleaning and make your work simple and easy.

Debt Relief Promises to Reduce Collection Calls

bank serviceWith the right help for your financial troubles, it is possible to lower your monthly payments, reduce interest rates, waive late fees, reduce collection calls, avoid bankruptcy, and have one monthly payment. Debt relief is the “partial or total forgiveness” of the debt you owe. The solution to your money problems will depend on your situation; however, it is meant to save you from bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy was used as the “forgive all” method during the 80s to 2004. Many sought this option, thinking it would be a magic solution to any financial squeeze whether it was business or personal related. You can get most or all of your debts forgiven. Yet, you suffer from seven years of bad or poor credit and the stigma of the bankruptcy. It does not have an entirely positive side. It should be used only if you have exhausted all other solutions including debt relief. Solving your financial situation is not going to be easy. It takes time. It also requires utilizing an individual educated in the financial world and most particularly in financial issues. The fact is bankruptcy now requires you to obtain credit counseling before you can enter the courts. You have to prove you tried other methods before you can be taken seriously. The US has made it harder to file for insolvency.

There are various methods to solving your financial situation. Consolidation loans, management plans, credit card forgiveness and settlement advice exist to help you reduce your troubles. Consolidation loans are designed to reduce the number of payments you have to one. The interest rate and monthly payment may or may not be lowered. It will depend on the current bank rates and lender. It also depends on your current debt amount. If you were proactive in finding debt relief before true trouble escalated you may find a better loan, interest rate, and monthly payment through consolidation.

Management plans typically utilize any savings you have to pay off your debts. You may have to pay a small amount to each creditor before setting up what monthly payment you can make to each of these creditors. The ideal debt relief solution is the one you can actually stay with based on your current income, expenses, and miscellaneous expenses.

Counseling may not help solve the creditor problem; however, it is designed to give you a look at your current financial situation. It will show you where you might be able to limit your expenses. If you reduce the outgoing money to extraneous charges like eating out or buying ice cream, you may have enough income to get back on track with your creditors.

By finding a solution to your problems, you will reduce collection calls. Collectors call you because they are trying to get money from you. They know you might not have it, but quite often if you are hounded enough you will find a way. The idea is for you to address the situation whether it is through debt relief or not, so that the company they collect for gets paid.

Disastrous Marketing Failures for the Ages

writingMarketing is viewed as a vital business function by the largest brands in the world. Whether its advertising, SEO, or copywriting services, these core activities are heavily relied upon to increase sales and generate greater revenue. But for every successful campaign, there are countless disasters. Here are three spectacular marketing failures for the ages. Prepare to be amazed by the idiocy of the world’s largest brands.

Pepsi Enrages the Philippines

Attempting to increase sales in the Philippines, Pepsi came up with a promotion entitled ‘Number Fever’ back in the early 90s. It was a simple premise, really, with customers encouraged to purchase bottles of Pepsi and retain the bottle-tops, under which numbers were printed.

Most of the prizes intended to be given away were free drinks, but Pepsi had also budgets $2 million worth of cash to reward participants. But that figure would spiral to $10 million after a catastrophic mistake by the marketing company handling the promotion.

Basically, Pepsi ended up promising the main cash prize of $40,000 to 800,000 customers. This mistake occurred because the marketing company randomly selected number 349, which was never intended to be the winning number. Riots quickly ensued and a number of Pepsi’s plants suffered considerable damage after pay-outs were refused.

McDonald’s Fuels Olympic Glory

In 1984, the Summer Olympics were hosted in Los Angeles. Seeking to capitalise on the national fervour, McDonald’s created a promotion whereby customers would receive scratch cards with an event on them. If the US won a gold, silver, or bronze during that event then the customer would win a burger, fries, or drink.

But what McDonald’s didn’t consider was that the Russians would not be participating because of their boycott. The US athletes hauled in an astonishing 83 gold medals in 1984, which as far ahead of their 34 gold medals in the prior games of 1976.

Tesco Gives Money Back to Customers

Known as ‘Fresh and Easy’ in the US, Tesco is a giant in the UK supermarkets industry. However, the brand has plenty of competition to handle from its fellow giants. And back in 2011, Tesco got into an embarrassing price war with ASDA.

Tesco foolishly promised lower prices than every product offered by ASDA. The supermarket chain was so confident, in fact, that it promised to pay back twice the difference on products available for cheaper in ASDA.

Rather than encourage shoppers to benefit from being overcharged, Tesco instead encouraged them to hunt for as many products as possible. Hungry to earn double the difference, consumers took advantage of the scheme. Nowadays, you can only claim back a maximum of £20.

3 Players Who Beat the Casino

cardsWhen players walk onto a casino floor, it can be assumed that they are doing so with a level of optimism.  Even though they are aware that the odds are stacked slightly against them, players go in planning to win some money.  Over the years, some players have put systems in place which have increased their odds.  In this article, you will find some interesting information about players who famously beat the casinos.

Ron Harris

In 1995, a punter at Bally’s Park Place Casino in Atlantic City, defied odds of around a million to one as he hit an astonishing $100,000 playing keno.  It soon became evident that Reid Errol McNeal was working with a computer technician from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.  His partner, Ron Harris, had recreated the random number generators used by Bally’s Casino to predict the outcome.  It is little surprise that Harris was removed from his position on the Control Board.

Louis Colvecchio

When the authorities raided Louis “The Coin “ Colvecchio’s house in the late nineties, they found thousands of fake slot tokens.  However, in this case, his ‘fake’ tokens were very much as good as the real deal.  His elaborate operation made use of precious metals, high-quality laser cutting tools and a 150 ton press.  His fake tokens were so impressively realistic that casinos would not even believe they were counterfeit when the authorities presented them.

“The Coin” eventually reached a plea deal with the state, under the condition that he would give the law enforcement full details of his operation in order to prevent casino fraud in the future.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

This clever individual designed some intricate devices which he used to significantly increase his odds at the casino.  He started off using a “top bottom join”, a device which resulted in payouts when inserted into a slot machine.  Soon enough, slot machine developers started to upgrade the systems, and began to make use of random number generators.  This encouraged him to get to work on designing a new device to beat the upgraded systems.  He even visited a slot machine manufacturer, posing as a customer, in order to see inside the machines and understand their inner workings.

The improvement of computer systems and casino security systems has made it even harder for these sinister tactics to work.  With the recent surge in online casino play, it is surprising that we have not heard more tales of assaults on online casino systems.   The best online casinos have special security systems in place, making these fraudulent attacks much more difficult.

THINK GREEN LIMOS – The Number one Eco-Luxury Limo Service

green limoNaperville limo and Airport limo Naperville is a revolutionary step against global warming by aiming high for a green future with a zest i.e. immortal.

Luxurious and eco-friendly are the two bizarre words that have united to lay down the foundation of limousine services, mainly, known as Think green limos. Elaborating, it is first class ground transportation to Chicago and its vicinity. Additionally, its rate is decided by keeping in mind the expenses of the social community.

But what makes this Naperville limo distinctive from others? From nightclubs to business meetings and prom to a graduation party, this limo will be always at your doorstep by being just a call away. It is an executive and an elite class service that depicts their commitment to customers. Naperville limos are now standing in its own class. But still there is a variety of cars from Cadillac Escalade ESV to Lincoln MKS Sedan. So, one can fulfill his desire by choosing the one which depicts his taste.

And now let us straight out few things. You might be pondering that this green limo i.e. eco-friendly might be lacking the trendy style and elegance. Absolutely wrong! This Naperville limo is a-la-mode car with all the lavish comfort you could ever dream of by giving no torment and agony to the environment that braces us. All the hybrid SUV limos are the only one to exist in the world. Lastly, this company is proud to be pioneers by gaining its profit in investing eco-friendly services.

Naperville limo:

  • The first ever to offer luxury green limousines that includes both hybrid SUV and Lincoln MKS Sedan.
  • Auspiciously, it is revolutionizing the Chicago Limousines industry.
  • Features of Naperville limo include the latest TECH to make it fuel efficient and it is carbon offset unlike others.
  • 20% better fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions than the same engines.

Airport limo Naperville:

  • Airport limo Naperville services are available all time.
  • It ensures privacy and comfort as it is no shared rides.
  • All arrival services can be re-scheduled without any hustle bustle.
  • Unrivaled limo services to its esteemed clients.

Lincoln MKS Sedan:

  • It utilizes Eco Boost technology, i.e. designed to deliver power and torque consistent with larger displacement just like Naperville limo.
  • Its engines are bound to provide you high performance by making it fuel economy.

Summing it, Naperville limo remains the only best choice that considers non polluted environment while giving sumptuous services.

The Explosion of Online Bingo

bingoIf we speculated about the future of bingo prior to the nineties, it is highly unlikely that we would have predicted it to be in its current state.  The introduction of the internet opened up a world of new possibilities for games such as bingo, and completely transformed the way in which the game is played.  Instead of having to sit in a room with other bingo players, we became able to connect to a game via the internet from the comfort of our own homes.

Endless New Bingo Sites Launched

Following the arrival of the earliest online bingo sites, a seemingly endless trail of other new bingo sites appeared.  This trend has still not stopped and has continued all the way up to the present day.  The online bingo industry has exploded to a state where there are now well over 400 online bingo sites at which you can play at, and this number is still increasing!  If you are looking for the low-down on the best bingo sites to join, you should look out for the ones with big prizes, buzzing social communities and impressive designs.

Online Bingo Appealing to Broader Crowds

The transformation from traditional bingo to online bingo has done loads for the popularity and prominence of the game.  Whereas previously the game was seen as a hobby for older ladies, the modern online version of the game has broadened its appeal to a much broader demographic.  Today, we see both male and female players enjoying the game, with some players as young as in their twenties.

Being able to connect to a game at one’s own convenience has led to more people giving bingo a try, when they otherwise would not have.  Not only that, the rise of social bingo games, hosted on networks such as Facebook, has allowed players to share and enjoy social bingo games while promoting them to their peers.

Bingo Goes Mobile

The most recent major milestone in the progression of bingo was the rise of mobile bingo.  Internet-enabled smartphones and tablets now allow players to connect to their favourite bingo sites from their handheld devices.  This means that players can enjoy a game of bingo wherever they are, providing them with a level convenience like never before.  It has quickly become obvious that mobile bingo is not going away any time soon, and you will struggle to find an online bingo site today which does not offer mobile bingo.

Ever Worked Out On A Sole e25 Elliptical?

sole e25 ellipticalFitness is no longer considered a luxury or a hobby. It is now almost seen as a requirement amongst western civilization. Everyone wants to look good, look younger, keep heart problems at bay, and some are even addicted to exercise! Regardless of why you do it, it doesn’t have to be boring. One way to beat those exercise blues is with a sole e25 elliptical machine.

So what is this and what can it do for you? First up it’s an exercise machine, somewhat like a step machine. Plus it also comes with a built in audio system, LCD display monitor and heart rate monitors courtesy of grip pulse handles and chest straps.

This machine works out the entire body – from your arms, right through to your calfs – or cows as some people may have to affectionately call them. If you make use of the power incline feature, you really squeeze the heck out of your back, your glutes and your hamstrings. What’s more the operation of the machine is fluid- thanks to a sturdy 20 pound flywheel.

This is the pivot which controls how smoothly the foot pedals operate. As this machine also has a 20 inch stride it is ideal for those of a taller disposition. So can you imagine no more rushing to the gym after work or trying to cram in dinner or homework with the kids so you can rush out to the gym, drive through the traffic, find a parking space and get to the gym, only to wait around until you get a machine that’s free.

No more of that then, and with your own personal elliptical machine you can work out when it suits you. Apart from the flexible time benefits the Sole E25 is built solidly. It is backed up by a 3 year guarantee from Sole and it is known for its reliability.

There are several workout modes to choose from and you can view all that interesting data related to your speed, heart rate and the calories you have burned. The price is just under $1000, but when you compare this to what you can spend in the gym in 6 months, and the time convenience that it offers, you’ll soon think of this as a good investment, rather than an expensive task master.

The Sole e25 Elliptical also scores well according to previous customers on Amazon. It regularly scores 4 out of 5 stars.


property management Los AngelesWhen you invest in any real estate you have to take care of a number of things. This calls for a little attention from the owners. Property management is very beneficial for those who want to invest in the real estate markets and there are number reasons that those who have invested their money in real estate should always consult property management service providers. The Community Association Management Companies are there to help you ensure that your property is safe and its maintenance is done properly or not and they work along with the property management companies. Property management is a need and can involve different companies that can solve any issues that requires a legal and local processes

Benefits that Property Management Companies Can Provide
The property management companies provide you with a lot of benefits that allow you to get a number of benefits and also improve your property rates.

Time Management
Those individuals who are real estate investors and they cannot find time taking care of each one of the land they own. They need someone to take care of them. Using the services provided by the property management companies they can manage their time properly as these companies can do the work for them.

Finding people for renting and selling
Finding people is a difficult job to do. Those, who can take care of your property as if they own them. These companies can make this job easier by finding good tenants that keep your place safe and take care of it properly.

Maintenance is one of the biggest issues that all of the property owner’s face especially after the place was given on rent. This problem can be solved using the helpful services provided by these companies.

Dealing with Property Related Issues
Those of the investors who lack the understanding of how to deal with the issues that are related to properties they need an advisor and a caretaker. This is a need and these companies deal with all the issues that you might face. It includes all the legal as well as other ordinary issues.

Property Management is a need of time if you want to invest in real estate. It is important for a good investor to keep a track of all the things that can help him manage his property.

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Find The Most Wanted Mortgage Broker In Australia

mortgageEveryone has a desire of having his/her own home and the procedure of getting a suitable home for you is also very interesting to be felt and mortgage broker would help you in finding your dream home. If you want a home for residential purposes or if you want to buy any home to invest your money in, is to earn profit while you are in Melbourne then the Melbourne mortgage broker would help you definitely regarding this purpose.

Unmatched services at a very reasonable interest rate:

  • If you go to the bank to ask for loans, then several hundreds of conditions would be imposed on you by them for granting you loan.
  • Sometimes they entangle you in their undefined conditions and you have to follow them in any case.
  • But with a mortgage broker in Melbourne you do not have to face any kind of strict rules or conditions and all finances needed by you can be fulfilled very easily.
  • With making a relation with banks to get money, you are not sure that the services they are providing to you are up to the mark or not.
  • But, when you chose mortgage broker Melbourne you do not have to think twice about the authenticity of the services being provided to you. All services which you would get here will be absolutely up to the mark and no complex types of procedures would be there.
  • They would not only help you in finding the best financial solutions for your investment, but also guides you through all the steps required to get the ultimate success on completion of your goals.
  • Interest rate provided to you by the mortgage broker is not only very less as compared to others in the market, but also can be taken without any extra conditions and free of any hassle.

Now what are you waiting for? Do not waste a single momenta and contact mortgage broker in Melbourne near you. You would be happy to know this that best deals for fulfilling your finance needs are just a call away from you. So, do not hesitate and visit your nearest mortgage broker in Melbourne and forget all of your worries. You can get all information and apply online as well. If you do not want to go to the office, you can get all the information regarding mortgage broker to get the finances you need in urgency or to be used in future. Please visit www.melbournemortgage.com.au for more information.

Functions Of An IT Staffing Firm

job searchAn I.T. staffing firm is that firm which does the recruitment of the new staffs on behalf of the employer. Most of the employers will opt for this option rather than doing themselves. This is due to the fact that staffing firms have recruiters who are experienced and with vast knowledge in I.T. services. Are you one of the I.T employers and wondering what does an I.T. staffing firm do? Here are some of the functions of an I.T. staffing firm:

1.They Advertise The Available I.T. Job On Behalf Of The Employer

This is one of the most important roles of the staffing firm. Advertisement needs a lot of experience as it will dictate who will apply for the job and who will not. They will examine the available vacancies and set the minimum qualification requirements based on their experience before the real advertisement. They will go ahead and advertise using the language that can be easily understood by the public.

2.They Will Interview The Job Seekers On Behalf Of The Employer

Interviewing the job seekers is another very important role of the I.T. staffing firm. This is the actual selection of the most competent job seeker amongst the many people who applied for the post. They will know the kind of questions to ask the interviewees based on the knowledge and skills the employer is seeking. They will interview and select the most competent that will overcome the I.T. challenges of that particular job.

3.They Offer Initial Training To The Selected Candidates For The Specific Positions

After recruiting the candidates, it is their responsibility too to induct the candidates on what they are expected to be doing. They will take them through some basic skills in their respective fields and introduce to them what they are expected to be doing. Besides, they will introduce them to the I.T. equipments that they are likely to encounter most of the times and show them how they work.

4.They Advises The Employers On The Emerging Trends In Employment Sector

With the current technological advances, there are very many advances in the employment sector the employers may not be aware of. Some of them include the use of online methods to advertise jobs rather than the use of newspapers, salary increments, new technological advances and many others. It is the role of the staffing firm to ensure that the employer is aware of these emerging issues and if necessary, they will train other staffs on such new changes.